This site is an attempt to document a unique collection of motor vehicles. I must state now, that I am not the owner of these cars, but only an admirer of the collection and long time friend of the owner. The true owner has requested that I do not place his name on the web, but has agreed to his cars being documented here. He is known to many in the P4 community, but few will have any idea of the true size of the collection.

I doubt the plan was ever to acquire so many cars, or even that a plan existed, but as opportunities arose, the number of cars grew. I hope most of the cars will appear on this site. Some will never appear, either because they are only fit for spares or are a project for a later time.

Please use the comments feature and let us know what you think or ask questions about the cars or site in general. For anyone wishing to contact the owner, please use the "Contact Us" form.

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